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Internship - NLP Engineer


Rozzano, IT, 20089



We are looking for an NLP engineer to help us unlock the hidden information in the text data produced by the Humanitas hospital during medical practice.

You will be involved in developing solutions using state of art techniques in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Linguistics, search Information Retrieval, Machine Learning/Deep Learning.



In support of the Tutor you will have to:

  • prepare various sources of data using data wrangling methods in Python and SQL
  • implementation of machine learning and deep learning  models on text data
  • data visualization and effective results reporting



  • Strong understanding of text pre-processing and normalisation techniques, such as tokenisation, word embedding, POS tagging
  • Exposure to Machine Learning and Text Analytics to include: feature extraction, statistical approaches, clustering techniques, classification techniques, and model testing and performance
  • Excellent understanding of deep learning models applied to Natural Language Processing
  • Proficiency in SQL is required
  • Advanced proficiency in Python
  • Experience with data science frameworks: tensorflow, pytorch, scikit-learn, scipy, pandas, numpy, etc
  • Experience with NLP libraries such as: NLTK, Spacy, Gensim, etc
  • Experience with visualization frameworks: plotly, seaborn, matplotlib, etc
  • Master in a STEM discipline
  • Excellent team-working capabilities