Senior Technologist Light Microscopy


Rozzano, IT, 20089


Humanitas is a world-famous center of excellence for research and treatment of immune system-related diseases, from cancer to cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases. In 2005, ICH has been acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Clinical Institute for Care and Scientific Research (IRCCS). ICH is recognized for its research and management model. It is member of the European Network of Immunology Institutes. Being a clinical research hospital, the research activity is based on a strong collaboration between clinicians and researchers. A PhD program, accordant to the highest international standards, is active and provide daily laboratory research practice, together with courses on different disciplines. Scientific research is also integrated with the educational and training activity of the Humanitas University, an international university dedicated to the life sciences.

The Unit provides access to state-of-the-art light microscopes for scientists within and outside the institute. The facility is in charge for set up and maintenance of instrumentation and training, development of methods and protocols and in vivo experimental models for confocal and IVM analysis. The Unit has an independent research program. The personnel of the facility are involved in scientific (external and internal) collaborations for the development of optical microscopy-based applications for biomedical research. The Unit comprises a wide range of microscopes, including wide-field fluorescence microscopes, confocal microscopes also equipped with STED and FLIM/FCS modes, multiphoton microscopes, a Light-Sheet microscope, an X-Clarity-based organ clarification system, a Laser Dissection microscope, in vivo optical Imaging instruments for luminescence and fluorescence tomography, and systems for high-multiplex imaging on tissues. A new core of Correlative Light Cryo Electron Microscopy (CLEM) technology is growing in the new Innovation Building being built in the Humanitas University campus. High-capacity network of digital workstations is available for data processing and image analysis.


Job profile and description of activities required:


  • maintain daily instruments.
  • provide design support for experiments.
  • provide sample preparation and acquisition service or assistance.
  • train and support user.


Qualifications and technical skills required:


The suitable candidate is expected to have proven experience in use of light microscopy including sample preparation, high utilization of confocal microscopy and associated image processing modules, knowledge of microscope hardware and use of Imaging analytical software.

A minimum of 3 years of hands-on experience in light microscopy is required as well as knowledge of the biological samples.

The candidate must demonstrate willingness in addressing development of new technologies and methods, particularly to be involved in projects aimed at developing protocols of chemical clarification dedicated to Light-Sheet Microscopy analysis.


The applicants should be reliable, well organized and have the flexibility needed for working in a service-oriented context. Candidates must be able to work on a flexible schedule based on research needs & deadlines. Good communication skills in English and the ability to be a team player in a multi-disciplinary environment are required.


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