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Animal House Technician Within The Cardiovascular Research Area


Milano, IT, 20159 Pieve Emanuele, IT, 20090 Rozzano, IT, 20089 Monza Brianza, IT, 20900


General Summary:

We are seeking to recruit a highly motivated candidate to join our cardiovascular research group (Head, Professor Gianluigi Condorelli) as Animal House Technician. The successful applicant will be responsible for performing a range of experiments involving mouse models of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, he/she will work on animal protocol development and implementation. The salary will be commensurate to experience.

Preferential Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor's degree in biological / physical sciences. 

  2. Experience with cardiovascular surgical procedures in mice: transaortic constriction (TAC) and myocardial infarction (MI).
  3. Experience with high-resolution echocardiography (Vevo 2100, VisualSonics) and hemodynamic evaluation (PV loop analysis). 

Pr       Preferential Skills/Competencies:

  1. Computer skills. 

  2. Wide-ranging analytical and organizational skills. 

  3. Good communication and interaction skills. 

  4. Capability to set priorities and manage time. 

  5. Basic knowledge of scientific principles of in vivo procedures. 

  6. Experience working with mice. 

Primary Location: Humanitas University Campus, Rozzano (MI)

Job: Technician/Technologist/Scientist

Schedule: Full-time

For consideration, please send a motivation letter, including CV and at least two names of references with contact information by e-mail to: